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FIS Graduation Ceremony 2019-2020

On July 15, 2020 FOSCO International School held a graduation ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of its Kindergarten and Grade 5 students. Unlike previous years, a smaller scale event was held given the circumstances of this school year. That did not detract from the heart, passion, and effort brought forth by our students and staff to make this a memorable experience.
The event had some special performances from our Grade 3, Grade 5, Kindergarten-A classes, and the tear dropping Kindergarten-B performance. Furthermore, some moving speeches were provided by graduating students where they expressed their gratitude and growth they’ve experienced while being a student at FIS.
Ms. Susan and our FIS Principals gave us a few words of their own which added a spark to the graduation. The event came to a close with Mr. Nick delivering his final words to his students for them to remember him by. In the afternoon, everyone congregated at FIS to celebrate the end of the school year as a family. Every student was given a gift to keep as a souvenir while many enjoyed lots of delicious food, snacks and beverages at the end of year party.

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