FOSCO’s Communist Youth Union


The FOSCO Communist Youth Union (comprising of staff who are the appropriate age to join the Communist Youth Union, work at FOSCO and foreign businesses and are interested in union activities) exists directly under the leadership of the HCMC Communist Youth Union of Businesses. Its function and mission is:

“To represent young company members who wish to collectively perform activities helpful to the community, society and charity; to maintain a spirit of volunteering and pioneer the activities of education, social security, environment protection, etc.; to actively build the FOSCO Communist Youth Union; to help build the FOSCO Party Committee and authority"

The Executive Committee of the FOSCO’s Communist Youth Union
Mr. Nguyen Gia Trieu
Secretary of Executive Board of FOSCO Communist Youth Union
Ms. Nguyen Thuy Quynh
Deputy Secretary of Executive Board of FOSCO Communist Youth Union
Ms. Trinh Thi Thanh Huong
Member of Executive Board of FOSCO Communist Youth Union
Ms. Nguyen Hoang Tuyet Nhu
Member of Executive Board of FOSCO Communist Youth Union
Mr. Vu Cong Tien
Member of Executive Board of FOSCO Communist Youth Union
Senior Communist Youth Union Announcements

  - Announcement No. 01: Pink Vacation- the 15th Volunteer Campaign 2016 in Can Gio front.

FOSCO Communist Youth Union Announcements


Photo Gallery
FOSCO’s Voluntary Blood Donation Day - 2023

Blood is the most precious gift, donating your blood can save a person's life or even many people. It's also the key to build a safe and sustainable blood supply.

Social work journey of FOSCO company’s Communist Youth Union in Gia Lai province (26-28th of August, 2022)

During the period from 26th to 28th of August, 2022, the Communist Youth Union of FOSCO in the collaboration with Gia Lai province’s social work group organized a charity trip in Gia Lai province.

Summer Break Volunteer Campaign 2018

On Saturday morning, August 14th 2018, at Tân Hòa Đông Apartment Building (number 78 Tân Hòa Đông Street, Ward 14, District 6, HCMC), FOSCO Youth Union and others under HCMC Youth Union of Business Sector collaborated with the Youth Union of District 6 to launch Summer Break Volunteer Campaign 2018.

Festive Day for Youth Members 2018

On Sunday morning, March 25th 2018, at the Ho Chi Minh City Zoo, ‘Festive Day for Youth Members 2018” was jointly organized by the Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City’s State-Owned Enterprises Corp and other relevant bodies.

Youth Month 2018

On the morning of 3rd March 2018, FOSCO’s Communist Youth Union (FOSCO’s CYU) launched a campaign in support of “Youth Month 2018”.

Members of FOSCO’s Communist Youth Union attend training program for traffic safety knowledge and safe driving skills

On Sunday morning, 4th March 2018, the Communist Youth Union of the Service Company To Foreign Missions (FOSCO) sent its representatives to attend the festive day of “The Youth with traffic culture promotion” specializing in traffic safety education and safe driving skills.

2017 Skills Camp in Madagui - Lam Dong

From November 3, 2017 to November 5, 2017, FOSCO Youth Union organized the 2017 Skills Camp in Madagui - Lam Dong Province.
Participants in the camp included FOSCO Youth Union, Standing Committee of the Youth Union- Hanoi Bureau of Diplomatic Service and the Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee- Business Sector.

FOSCO showed deep appreciation to revolutionary heroes

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of War Invalids & Martyrs’ Day (July 27th 1947 - July 27th 2017), FOSCO Leaders and staff participated in and organized many meaningful activities which expressed the beautiful tradition of the Vietnamese people “when drinking water, think of its source”, “being thankful and returning favours”. FOSCO visited and gave presents to the families whose members are war invalids or martyrs, made offerings of incense and flowers at the City Martyrs Cemetery and at Ho Chi Minh Square.

Internal Communications Training Course

On the morning of July 19th 2017, the Youth Union under HCMC Party’s Committee of Business Sector in collaboration with FOSCO Youth Union organized a training course namely “Internal Communications at Workplace” in order to equip the young generation with the experience, knowledge and skills in internal communications at work.

The 122nd Green Sunday Campaign

7am last Sunday July 16th 2017, at Rạch Miễu Pier, number 1 Trường Sa, Phú Nhuận District, HCMC, FOSCO Youth Union and others Youth Unions in HCMC in collaboration with Phú Nhuận Youth Union started off the 122nd Green Sunday Campaign.

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