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FOSCO attend the 10th International Food Festival - 2022

In the morning of December 11th, at Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound, Ha Noi, the Department of Diplomatic Service (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) organized the 10th International Food Festival, 2022. Attending the Festival, FOSCO brings 01 culinary stall with bold Western–Southern Vietnamese style with the menu including Khot cake, De cake, and Com Chay.
More than 100 stalls will be present at the International Food Festival this year, including representatives from Embassies in Ha Noi, international organizations, Cultural Centers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs units, local Departments of Foreign Affairs, and domestic and foreign enterprises. The festival provides an opportunity for countries to expand cultural and mutual understanding while also acting as a bridge to promote and introduce Vietnam’s image to international friends. Over the years, this Food Festival has been a testament to the strong friendship between diplomatic missions and a driving force to strengthen the relationship.
At the festival, there were Madam Mai Thi Hanh, spouse of former President Truong Tan Sang; Madam Vu Thi Bich Ngoc, spouse of Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son; Ministry of Foreign Affairs leaders; ambassadors, heads of representative agencies of international organizations, leaders of ministries, localities, and local foreign affairs departments.
In the opening speech, Madam Vu Thi Bich Ngoc said that the International Food Festival has become an outstanding cultural, culinary, and charity exchange event with an increasing number of participants after 10 years of organization with an increasing number of participants including ambassies, foreign cultural centers, foreign affairs departments representing provinces, businesses, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs units.
This year’s Food Festival coincides with the 55th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN, the region’s common home for nearly 700 million people. The festival brings a typical culinary culture space of 10 Southeast Asian countries, demonstrating the role of ASEAN people’s connection and solidarity, as well as the ASEAN community’s and international friends.
The 2022 International Food Festival will also carry on the spirit of cooperation that has characterized previous festival seasons. The festival's benefactors contributed approximately 5 billion VND, which was used for charity activities for orphans, disabled people, poor women, and disadvantaged people throughout the country.
On behalf of the ambassadors and heads of diplomatic corps in Hanoi, Mr. Denny Abdi, Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam, expressed his pleasure to participate in this cultural and culinary event, demonstrating solidarity and tightening the bond that ASEAN has always pursued.
"We are linked and united for the advancement of the people. ASEAN wishes to spread this attachment spirit throughout the world. With the meaning of connecting people, cuisine is also the driving force of economic growth for countries, making an important contribution to the economy and diplomacy. Each country is endowed with a wealth of culinary resources that can be used to fuel national development," said Indonesian Ambassador Denny Abdi.
Every year, the International Food Festival is organized and maintained. This is an opportunity for countries to exchange cultures, improve mutual understanding, and introduce Vietnam and its people to international friends.
This is also an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to promote their brands, business activities, and services to foreign friends and tourists taking part in the program. With the participation of units and individuals for the Charity Fund, the festival also has a humanitarian meaning.
Phu Quy

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