FOSCO International School (FIS)


Established in 1997, FOSCO International School has taken a pride in its trademark regarding the good quality of caretaking and education for students aged from 18 months to 11 years old. With the international curricula of Letterland and the US Common Core State Standards, a team of native teachers and teaching assistants who are qualified, experienced and devoted help students with the best learning improvement and development.


FOSCO International School provide with the following main services:

The school’s missions

FOSCO International School provides the caretaking and education for a range of nationalities from 18 months up to 11 years of age (Nursery to Grade 5). We seek to develop and celebrate the individual abilities and talents of each child, instilling an enduring love of learning, in a safe, fair, caring environment which nurtures the wellbeing that every child deserves in order for them to feel comfortable, confident, self-discipline and responsible. The school where all children are accepted, valued and able to develop all of their strengths focuses on the learner-centered mission.


FOSCO International School (FIS)

40 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan St., W. Vo Thi Sau, Dist. 3, HCMC
Tel.: (84 -28) 3930 5930 – (84 -28) 39 300 115
Fax: (84 -28) 3930 2019

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