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FOSCO welcomes Students from English Faculty - University of Social Sciences and Humanities on their vocational field trip

On the morning of May 21st 2019, at the headquarter of Service Company to Foreign Missions (FOSCO), the Company Leaders welcomed 48 second-year students (Class of 2017) and 6 teachers from the English Faculty - University of Social Sciences and Humanities visiting on their vocational field trip. This trip is one among many annual activities of the Faculty to help students get a closer, more realistic look at different working environments so that they can have a better understanding about the job options they will pursue and thus feel more certain about the major they’re about to choose.
At the meeting, FOSCO Leaders introduced to EF students about the company’s history, its structure, missions and functions as fulfilling the duties authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and assigned by HCMC People’s Committee relating to “political diplomacy, security diplomacy, people diplomacy” and business duties. After the passionate presentation and the Q&A session, EF students were taken on a tour around the company, visiting different specialized departments and FOSCO International School. The trip was really beneficial and helped shape EF students’ vision about the career paths they are going to follow in the near future.
FOSCO is proud to have always been supporting the educational and training mission following Ho Chi Minh Ideology as to get the human resources well-prepared: “For the ten-year benefits we must plant trees; for the 100-year benefits we must plant people”, understanding that education is not merely putting in people’s heads information and knowledge, but also providing them a broad and deep vision, lively and realistic as well.

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