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FOSCO's Spring Gathering of 2023

The beginning of the year meeting is a beautiful culture of FOSCO which has been preserved over the years. Every year, after spending the Lunar New Year holiday with family, everyone comes back to work on the first day with a renewed sense of vigor, enthusiasm, and determination to carry out all the assigned tasks.
The first meeting of the year of FOSCO on January 30, 2023, was held in the festive atmosphere of the New Year of the Rabbit 2023 with the participation of the company’s leaders, key officials, heads, and deputy heads of specialized departments. The gathering was warm and happy, on this occasion, the company’s leaders expressed their gratitude towards the contributions of the company’s departments and all employees in 2022 and sent best wishes to them and their families, wished the company will have many achievements in the new year, and at the same time giving “lucky money” and raised a glass of wine in a festive atmosphere to signify a successful new year and an excellent fulfillment of the company’s missions.
Translated by: Phu Quy

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