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A Charity Trip to Tam Binh Child Care Center, Thu Duc City

On the January 10, 2023, FIS continued on our mission of spreading cheer for those less fortunate than ourselves. 4th Graders along with their teachers, Principals, and Vice Principals delivered more of the proceeds from the Bake Sale Fundraising event and parents’ donations from the Christmas period. This time the recipient was "Trung tâm nuôi dưỡng bảo trợ trẻ em Tam Bình" located in Thủ Đức. We brought them milk, cooking oil, shampoo, diapers, and cash valued 30,000,000VND. We hope this will help make the lives of the residents there a little bit easier. It was wonderful to visit them and our students truly had fun meeting, getting to know, and playing football with some of the people there.
Frederick Kennedy

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