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Celebrating The 93rd Anniversary of The Communist Party of Vietnam

On the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Company's Trade Union and Executive Committee of FOSCO’s Youth Union had a meeting to congratulate and honor those comrades who are the Standing Committee of the Company’s Party Committee.
The meeting took place in a warm and solemn atmosphere, and the representatives of the Executive Committees of both unions expressed their gratitude and thanks to the Company’s Party Committee for its past timely guidance and having the right orientations so that the two organizations in particular and the whole company in general, can operate and develop sustainably, and wish that the Standing Committee of the Company's Party Committee will always be enthusiastic, exemplary, dedicated in working to create the best results, contributing to the achievements of the Party Committee and the Company.
The Standing Committee of the Company's Party Committee also recognized the results and activities of the two organizations in the past time, and hopes that the Trade Union and the Youth Union have always been two effective arms of the Party, continuing to promote a spirit of impulse to overcome challenges, leading the company to new success in the future.
Welcoming the spring of the year of the Rabbit 2023, the anniversary of the founding of the Party on February 3, 1930, in the pride of the glorious Party, the great Uncle Ho, the entire Party, the people, and the whole army are determined to promote self-reliance, the strength of great national unity combined with the strength of the times to firmly build and defend the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which is becoming more and more prosperous and happy.
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