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“Rainbow Anti-Bullying Day” at FIS

Friday, September 30th was “Rainbow Anti-Bullying Day” at FIS to place a special focus on anti-bullying. “Rainbow Anti-Bullying Day” helps our school encourage all students, teachers, and parents to take action against bullying and celebrate our differences.   
All grades participated and wore a different color of the rainbow.  
In the morning, we had a parade on the FOSCO grounds. Our working neighbors attended and cheered for our students! After our parade, some students read about their experiences with bullying and gave our school some great tips and information!  
We then divided all students into their colors. We had six stations throughout the campus, which were attended by all students. Stations included: Anti-Bullying Contracts, Friendship Bands, Worry Monster (where students fed their worries to the “worry monster”), board decorations, Chain of Kindness, and body word formations. Students had a blast!
After lunch and nap time, students gathered in the lunch room for the grand finale performed by Grade 5 and Grade 3. Our Responsible Leaders put on a great performance about a billionaire boy who just wanted a friend. It was both hilarious and heart-warming. Grade 3 beautifully sang and danced to “Lemon Tree.”
Overall, the experience was wonderful for all of our FIS family. It was a magical, empowering, and educational day.
Thank you, FIS students, for participating in a very important movement!

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