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A warm winter for Gia Lai ethnic community

From the 27th to the 30th of December, a charitable group from HCMC organised a trip to Dak Po and Chu Puh Districts in Gia Lai Province.
Taking part in this trip were many businessmen, office-workers, public-service-officers, etc from District 12 HCMC, Service Company to Foreign Missions (FOSCO); many doctors and nurses from Cho Ray Hospital and Teeth-Jaw-Face Hospital in HCMC.
The charitable group has given free health-checks, free medicines and many gifts to more than 1,000 unfortunate people living in Y Hoi Ward (Dak Po District) and Ia Dreng Ward (Chu Puh District). Also, a free house and 100 bicycles were given to the poor students with good academic results living in Gia Lai Province. On the whole, nearly VND1 billion was contributed to this charity by different individuals, units, businesses who joined in this charitable group from HCMC.
Mr. Nguyen Tuong Minh, FOSCO General Director said, this is the 10th charitable trip that he joined which is organized yearly in the hope to bring warmth to the cold winters in Gia Lai Province, to the less-fortunate people here. Up to the present, the trips contributed about VND5 billion to the ethnic groups here with different ways of giving such as: gifts, free health checks, free medicines, etc to more than 10,000 people; 04 free houses, 01 bridge, 01 water-pump construction; giving supports and technique-trainings on planting industrial trees, raising catles, helping the ethnic people improve their living condition.

Reporter: HOÀI NAM
(source: SGGPO Sunday, December 30th 2018)

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